Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


The Hidakagawa Town Tourism Association will act according to the following policy to properly handle and protect your personal information.

Collecting personal information

In hidakagawa Tourism Association has been collecting personal information from customers in the following cases.

Application for service
・Inquiries and comments

The handling of personal information

We do not use personal information for purposes other than the purpose specified beforehand without getting prior consent of the customer, the person at the Hidakagawa Town Tourism Association.In addition, in order to securely manage personal information, we will endeavor to secure and improve security.

Also, if you would like to inquire about personal information of yourself, please contact us. We will respond appropriately.

In addition, we may create or announce statistical data as various materials and contents. In that case, your personal information will not be disclosed or announced to a third party.


Handling of personal information on the external site

We are not responsible for personal information registered on the external site linked from this site.

If you are registered personal information on the external site, please check the privacy policy of that site.

Updating and changing privacy policy

On this site, privacy policy may be changed. We will notify you on the site if there are important changes in the privacy policy.