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-The Longest Wisteria Trail in Japan- | Hidakagawa Town Tourism Association

-The Longest Wisteria Trail in Japan-

-The Longest Wisteria Trail in Japan-


There is a long trail with a wisteria trellis measuring 1,646 meters in Miyama no Sato forest park—dubbed the longest wisteria trail in Japan.

Every year, the Wistereia Festival is held there in the end of April and the beginning of May. Many people come from all over Kansai area to witness this beautiful landscape. If you climb 96 meters up to the observatory. tower, you can see the remarkable landscape of the wisteria trail and the Tsubayama Dam— the largest Dam in the Wakayama Prefecture.
For those less inclined to climb steep stairs to quickly reach the observatory, there is another, less steep route to the top of the trail. On this trail you can walk up to the tower while admiring the beautiful wisteria trellis that lines the path.
There are other facilities nearby, such as Athletic course and Mystery House, where people of all ages can have fun!

202 Ubuyugawa, Hidakagawa-cho, Hidaka-gun, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan.