-Hidaka River-

-Hidaka River-


Hidaka River is a pristine and beautiful river that flows through the middle of Wakayama Prefecture.

The total length is 127 km. It is the longest 2nd class river (rivers controlled by prefectures) in Japan.hidakagawa

The river is home to many diffent wildlife in the area. One of the most popular to see is the fireflies that peak in May or June. During this time you can witness Fire Fly Festivals in several places along Hidaka River. There are many spots to swim, fish, and camp – and there are plenty of relaxing hot springs that can be found up and down the river.

For fun with the family and children, Idani Water Park is recommended. It’s close to Miyama Hot Spring.


You can also enjoy fishing for a species of red-spotted salmon called Amago at Eagle’s Stream (Washinogawa). There is a specific area in the stream where you can fish for Amago for a small fee. The fee is 1000 yen for those who want to test their instincts and reflexes and catch trout with their bare hands, and 2500 yen if you wish to use a rod. It is a popular activity for both parents and children!

Open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., everyday from April 1 to Aug 31.