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-Miyama Healing Hot Spring- | Hidakagawa Town Tourism Association

-Miyama Healing Hot Spring-

-Miyama Healing Hot Spring-


Enjoy high-quality water with skin healing properties in a small, relaxing tub! This hot spring is popular for its unique healing water, which cleanses your skin and makes it feel extra smooth. The water also works well for relieving aching joints and sore, stiff muscles.
The wooden facilities are very relaxing. Take a break and enjoy the sun in the bright, cheerful common areas.

Type of hotspring:Natrium and Sodium-bicarbonate enriched
Healing Properties:Effective for burns, cuts, rashes, and many chronic skin conditions
Open:Daily, Noon- 7pm
Fee:Adults: 600 yen
Children (3~12 years old):300 yen

Near by is Idanigawa Cascade Park

JP Website:http://www.hidakagawa.net/miyama-onsenkan/