-Dojoji Temple-

-Dojoji Temple-


It is said that Dojoji Temple was founded in 701 AD by the 42nd Emperor Mommu. The temple is home to many cultural assets of Japan— including one of the oldest statues of the Thousand-armed Buddhist Saint Kannon and many other relics designed as National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties of Japan. There is also another famous statue of the Thousand-armed Saint Kannon that is hidden in the main hall of the temple. This statue is revealed only once every 33 years for 33 days to coincide with the 33 different forms of saint. The last time it was revealed was in 2005, so you’ll have to wait until 2038 for the next chance to witness it!
dojoji temple

Within the Japanese cultural arts of Noh drama and Kabuki theater, ‘Dojoji’ and ‘Musume Dojoji’ are two of the most widely known and performed pieces. The tale centers around a woman named Kiyohime who becomes enraged after she learns that the man she loves, a pilgrim monk named Anchin, deceives her. The scorned Kiyohime then pursues her lover across the mountainous expanse of Wakayama to Dojoji Temple— and both pieces retell the events that occurred at Dojoji Temple.

On the temple grounds you can also watch the preachers give a humorous retelling of the tale of Anchin and Kiyohime from their unique picture scroll, as well as look for the many popular sites from the story.

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