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-Restaurant Unsui- | Hidakagawa Town Tourism Association

-Restaurant Unsui-

-Restaurant Unsui-


For more than 100 years, Unsui Restaurant has been attracting visitors of Dojoji, the historic temple of Kishu, with delicious meals and traditional Japanese delicacies.

Unsui is well-known for preparing Kue, a local species of longtooth grouper fish, as well as serving freshly-picked seasonal fruits such as melons, strawberries, grapes and native oranges.

The total dining capacity is 450 seats—so this restaurant has plenty of space to facilitate larger tourist groups. For small or large groups, you can choose from one of five private rooms or the larger dining area.

Unsui is famous for making a special delicacy with a Dojoji theme: the Tsurigane Manju— a small bell-shaped cake with many different fillings. You can typically choose from two different fillings for the manju: traditional sweet red-bean filling or white-bean paste. They also whip up seasonal specialties, such as a delicious chestnut filling during autumn. The Tsurigane Manju is of such high quality that it has been awarded the Grande Gold Medal for the highest level of quality by the Monde Selection in Belgium every year since 2007. These manju make excellent souvenirs to bring back to your loved ones!


JP Website http://www.unsui.jp/