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-Nakatsu So- | Hidakagawa Town Tourism Association

-Nakatsu So-

-Nakatsu So-


Located close to the Hidakagawa Concert Hall just across from the Hidaka River in the mountains, Nakatsu So is Japanese-style inn that offers the largest number of accommodations in Hidakagawa Town.

Nakatsu So’s facilities can room 90 people, and there is a large multipurpose open-air dome with a stage located next to the inn that can be used for large gatherings and activities such as BBQs, performances, arts and crafts clubs, and the like.

The inn overlooks the majestic Hidaka River—and is conveniently located near a part of the river where you can relax and swim. Nakutsu So is also within a short walking to distance to the Hidaka Concert Hall—which frequently hosts high-profile and exciting events. You can also take a trip to some of the nearby hot springs and have a relaxing time bathing with the soothing sights and sounds of nature.


JP Website:http://www.hidakagawa.net/nakatsusou/