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-Aitoku So- | Hidakagawa Town Tourism Association

-Aitoku So-

-Aitoku So-


Aitoku So is a famous hot springs inn located next to the longest wisteria trail in Japan. The facilities are made from aromatic wood and offer traditional Japanese-style rooms for visitors wishing to spend a few days admiring the majestic beauty of the mountains of old Kinokuni. The hot springs have natural minerals within them that makes the water feel ‘slippery’ and can make your skin feel extra smooth within a few minutes of bathing in them— so it’s very popular with adults of all ages!

The nearby Wisteria Trail is the longest in Japan, and typically is in bloom from Spring to early summer in June before the rainy season. Also nearby is Yoo-Hoo Point—Japan’s most popular echo point.


JP Website:http://www.hidakagawa.net/aitokushou/